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We deliver products and services where we place quality as the most important sales factor

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We specialize in technical installations that include heat pumps and or cooling systems.

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Energy centers

Heat pumps

Land-based hatchery facilities




Data Cooling

Hotel / Kitchen / Public

Refrigerator and freezer room

Focus on quality

We deliver products and services where we consider quality to be the most important sales factor, and want quality to be a distinguishing feature for us. In order to be able to offer our customers the best in terms of price and quality at all times, we are constantly informed about which products can be found among the suppliers in the industry.

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Here you can read the latest news about what is happening in the company.

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Delivery to Blue Ocean Technology

Contract with Oslo Airport City

Øen Kuldeteknikk AS has been a total supplier, which has been crucial for success. Knowledge, patience, availability and willingness to cooperate have provided a basis for trust.

Knut Arve Tafjord

Operations manager

I would like to praise Øen Kulde for the work done. We are very satisfied with the facility, and there is no doubt that we chose the right supplier.

Frode Refvik


Øen Kuldeteknikk has always acted professionally in all aspects and Ulstein Fjernvarme can give Øen Kuldeteknikk our best recommendations.

Øyvind Amdam



SCALEAQ / Norway Royal Salmon


Ulstein Fjernvarme