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Energy centers

Complete energy centers

In recent times, we have constructed central units with refrigerants R717 (NH3), R744 (CO2), R290 (propane) and R-1234ze. This is a future-oriented solution which, in our opinion, will be a safe investment for the future. By using such a medium, you will not be in danger of the system not being able to be used when prescribed synthetic refrigerants are to be phased out in a few years.

Pre-built modules

The switchboards are delivered in ready-made modules adapted to the various facilities, which means that the construction time is short. This also provides greater predictability in relation to time consumption and finances. The control panels are delivered fully electrically wired with an integrated PLC. This also makes it flexible for the presentation of process images/overview images, or for integration with other systems.

Flexible solution

The central units operate with a variable amount of water automatically adapted to the cooling and/or heating needs. This results in both lower power consumption and less wear and tear on pumps.
Flexibility in the choice of heat source, allowing for the use of seawater, boreholes, outside air, or combinations of these The centrals can also implement management of peak loads, in order to ensure that the heat pump delivers optimally before peak loads enter. If necessary, peak loads can also be fully integrated into the energy center.

Standardized exchanges

Of course, we also supply more standardized central units with refrigerant R134a and R513a.