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Ulstein Fjernvarme

Ulstein Fjernvarme in Ulsteinvik distributes low-temperature energy around the central area of ​​Ulsteinvik. We have delivered several complete energy centers:
We are a proud supplier of Ulstein Fjernvarme’s energy centers. In total, we have installed energy centers with a total output of 4,000kW, of which over 1,700kW is covered by heat pumps.

The energy centers and associated heat pumps are designed by us and adapted to each individual building with regard to temperature level, water volumes, control area and, not least, available space in the technical room.

The heat pumps use refrigerant R1234ze, which is an environmentally friendly gas with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) value of 6.

Statement from Øyvind Amdam – Managing Director of Ulstein Fjernvarme AS:

Øen Kuldeteknikk has delivered a total of five energy centers to us. For some of these they have been subcontractors, and for some they have been general contractors where they have won the tenders. These are tailor-made switchboards, where each switchboard is adapted to the needs they will serve for our customers, as well as the requirements specifications we as the client have set in the tenders. This may be COP, GWP, automation, noise, etc. As a company that facilitates for our customers, we depend on trust that things work, that we can have confidence that operations will be stable, and that we receive good follow-up in accordance with our expectations during and afterwards.

They have repeatedly shown that they have the necessary expertise to deliver such facilities as we have requested. They have also contributed with innovation in the choice of solutions. Our facilities are advanced and have a good deal of automation to ensure that the facilities run smoothly. It is then important that the planners familiarize themselves with the facility, with heat pumps, peak and reserve capacity, our customers’ operating situation, building conditions and requirements and everything else that will have an impact on both the solution and the final product. We are very satisfied with the way this has been carried out. This is how we have experienced it. It is clear that those we have dealt with have understood the importance of their role in communication with us as a customer.

Øen Kuldeteknikk has also performed very well when it comes to the implementation of the projects. We always have a contract that applies to the delivery, but we have refrained from acting very formally during our communication with Øen Kuldeteknikk. Of course, we have a number of formal points such as construction meetings, finances and settlement, completion and handover. In other words, various formal processing points. The contractor clearly knows his role, his communication is service-minded and his behavior professional. From time to time you may find that there is a need for adjustments and follow-up checks. We have also sorted out such matters without any problems. Øen Kuldeteknikk has generally acted as a collaborative partner in the entire process from the contract being entered into until the facilities are handed over. They have made it clear that they also want the systems to function as optimally as possible.

As far as we can see per To date, the facilities are operating as expected. Now there are quite a few facilities that have not yet received full load, but we have no reason to believe that the facilities will perform worse with more withdrawals. Periodic servicing is important here, in the same way as with, for example, a car. The systems must have follow-up checks, make sure that the oil on the compressors is of good quality and otherwise that the refrigerant is as it should be in terms of pressure, that the systems are otherwise tight, and filters are cleaned or changed etc. Services are followed up according to the agreed plan and in afterwards we receive reports sent in relation to what we have agreed. Every now and then, unforeseen things can happen, and when we need quick assistance from Øen Kuldeteknikk, we have received a quick response when we have needed it. As far as we have experienced, the plants have generally had good efficiency levels. Something that is of course important to us both for the sake of the environment and earnings.

When the deliveries are good, and we as customers get facilities that we can trust to work, this also reassures our customers. Something that is of course important for both us and those who use the buildings we supply energy to. We are pleased that the company has wanted to compete for deliveries to us, and hope that they will also compete for assignments we advertise on later occasions. Øen Kuldeteknikk has always acted professionally in all aspects and Ulstein Fjernvarme can give Øen Kuldeteknikk our best recommendations.