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Sognekraft has established a distribution network in Sogndal that supplies energy to heat pumps located around the city center area. We are proud to have delivered all of Sognekraft’s heat pumps, which we hope represents that Sognekraft is satisfied with the deliveries.

A total of four heat pumps have been delivered with a total heating output of over 3000kW.

The two largest heat pumps, which together produce 2400kW, supply Fosshaugane Campus with heat. The heat pumps use ammonia as coolant and produce hot water of 70°C.

In addition to these, Sognekraft has a heat pump at Granden and one at SHOS (Sogndal Health and Care Center). These machines use R134a as refrigerant and each produce 300kW.

We thank Sognekraft for the trust.

Statement from Arild Aase – Machinist in Sognekraft:

We chose Øen Kuldeteknikk as our supplier of heat pumps and service agreement. For those of us who will operate heating systems with heat pumps, it is important to have good service, with regard to operational reliability and continuous heat supply to our customers. The collaboration works well, there is a short response time, there are good solutions, Øen Kuldeteknikk delivers as ordered.