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Nortura Sogndal

Nortura is one of Norway’s largest food producers, with well-known brand names such as Gilde and Prior. We greatly appreciate the fact that Nortura chose us as a supplier of cooling systems and are not a little proud of it.

The rebuilding of the factory was not a little challenging as production was going on at the same time as pipes, electricity and cooling had to carry out their installations. All work coordinated by us and we think Nortura felt that the implementation was well done.

The ice water plant has a capacity of around 400kW and the freezing plants which are operated with CO2 have a capacity of around 100kW.

Statement from Arvid Kvam – Technician at Nortura
Regarding new ice water facilities 2013.

It was decided in the summer of 2013 by Nortura Sa that they would invest in a new ice water system for 11 intermediate cold rooms. and freezer storage 4 pcs. This is to phase out the rest of the Freon plant R 22.

The new facility was then fully massed by COWI A/S Bergen v / Rune Teigland. Drawn and massed with pipes and mechanical equipment. Placement of pipe feed in the plant. Øen Kuldeteknikk A/S, received the assignment and the main contract for the entire assignment. The mission from there was led by SVEINUNG OTTERDAL and FRANK ØEN. There were regular construction site meetings and follow-up work / HSE.
Øen Kuldeteknikk brought in a number of subcontractors such as pipes – electrical – SD – Plant. The operation itself was massed by Øen Kuldeteknikk. Work started in Oct 2013 and was put into operation in May 2014. The solution and execution were of very high quality, and functionally very good for the plant. It has now been approx. 5 years and with no significant downtime. The plant was well documented with FV-Perm.

Øen Kuldeteknikk had a fixed 1/2 annual warranty service for 3 years. After that, they have taken over a fixed service agreement with visits and follow-up of the facility May / Nov. every four years. Follow-up from there worked fine. The facility is and is monitored by IWMAC OPR… Center Trondheim. Calling the guard phone.