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Main factory Sykkylven
Ekornes is one of the north-west’s largest employers and the largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordics. The main factory is located in Sykkylven in Møre og Romsdal. We have delivered several large plants to Ekornes. Our first delivery dates back to early 2000 and the machines are still in use and produce cooling and heating for Ekornes’ main factory where around 1000 employees work. The machines are 2000kW and collect heat from the sea in winter and dump heat to the sea in summer when the cooling demand is greatest.

Tynes of Squirrels
In 2007 we received a new large delivery to Ekornes department Tynes. The factory needed cooling of production machines, factory halls and offices. The delivery was two heat pumps with a total output of 1100Kw and associated dry coolers. In the same way as the system at the main factory, the heat pumps were to be used for cooling in the summer and for heating in the winter. Dry coolers then had a double task, during cooling operation heat is dumped over the roof and in winter heat is taken from the outside air. Advanced management was a prerequisite for successful delivery. A large part of our job was to get the automation to work optimally.

In addition to the mentioned facilities, we have had several smaller deliveries over the years and are very appreciative of having Ekornes in our customer portfolio.