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Delivery to Blue Ocean Technology

Øen Kuldeteknikk is pleased to announce that we have won the delivery of 1pc 40ft prefabricated drying container to Blue Ocean Technology.

The container will be equipped in our premises in Hornindal, and this includes engineering, project management, assembly of CO2 heat pump, coolers, aggregate, electrical panel, automatic system and FAT. After the equipment has been placed at the customer’s premises, commissioning, handover and follow-up follow that of the plant after it has been put into operation. The delivery has been entered into in collaboration with F-Tech, which supplies Cote’s aggregate. The plant will be energy-saving in terms of electricity consumption, and promotes a green and environmentally friendly profile.

Øen Kuldeteknikk would like to thank F-Tech and Blue Ocean Technology for the delivery and looks forward to further cooperation.